And if there is sorrow in leaving , so there is fear to stay

and yet we must carry on believing  that spring will come someday.

Its Over! Its Over!

“Its over, Its over! Mommy Its over!” – Just For laughs Tv comedy.

Oh well, we need to move on to the next stage of our lives.

But before we go, Sunday was the last day of #UgBlogWeek. It felt like that last day at school; people couldn’t wait to move on.

In that regard this is what happened;

    1. Chilled-Out Sundays
    2. The Uganda I see…
    3. Wait…
    4. Let Them Write
    5. This Is A Rant  
    6. Feminists need love, not Jesus!
    7. Unresolved issues and God
    8. Believe
    9. Uganda’s innovation ecosystem still a work in progress
    10. My 2 Cents…
    11. Do you know about multipotentialites and their superpowers?
    12. Simple Cool Trick
    13. We all need help.
    14. Giving Up
    15. a walking all the way home incident during #UgBlogWeek
    16. Day 7!!!!
    18. The Little We Know About Professional Blogging.
    19. An Attempted Love Letter
    20. KA – RED
    21. Dear Radio Station, What If Your Music Policy Is The Problem?
    22. The Sunday market
    23. Random Thoughts
    24. Gluttony

Let me know if your blog is missing..

Also carry on the fire, your blogging shouldn’t stop here.

Patricia Kahill

is a Social Media, Content Creator and Marketer at Kahill Insights. A Development Practitioner who has no self talent but is driven by curiosity and passion; in a nutshell she is a Multipotentialite. She believes in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit which makes her a Christian.

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