Good morning reader,

Let me first pray before I share yesterday’s stories;

Thank you Lord for a new day and even with the fair policy that was playing around with my curation this morning, I finally conquered it. Bless the people reading this, add favor to that. In Jesus’s name. Amen.

Now your stories, please let me know in comments if any blog was missed. And forgive me for any formatting issues you will see here, Vodafone’s fair policy won’t let me prosper.




Should I Keep Waiting?

#UGblogWeek Curated Posts from Day 2

In Honor of Track No.3

#UgBlogWeek Day 3 – Is it worth it?

2 a.m

Uganda’s Official Language, English, challenges us, Ugandans

A Wedding On Election Day [#UGBlogWeek 3/7]

The Unplanned. #UGBlogWeek

Grammys 2016 aka A good day to be Black

It Is Not Apocalypse 

Whose Manifesto Will Get/Increase My Chances Of Getting Employed and Laid


#UgBlogWeek Day 3 and 2 Maybe

Morning After [2]

Matooke Republic Woo #UgBlogWeek

From Rome to Kampala with Love 

A Gift To A Sulker

[#UGblogWeek – Day 3] Never?

(#UgBlogWeek) My favorite plate

#UGBlogWeek: The Haircut

GRIEVING FOR MY NATION (lost love) #UgBlogWeek day 3

In The Reporters Shoes As #UgandaDecides 

#UgBlogWeek Elections In The Newsroom 

The Unplanned. #UGBlogWeek

Malaika (Part 1). 16th Feb. 2016

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