[“Can I call you tonight?” he asked her, as she walked away from the table.She was not happy. The day had been hectic. She needed her bed like a baby needs her doll.

She turned and said, “If I am still awake, I will pick up.”

Though she knew even if she were awake, she was not going to pick any call after 9 PM. That is my ‘me-time, she thought. I will just let it ring and offer no ‘blue ticks’ until like 3 AM.

He held her hand and said, “Sorry, for the bad hectic day.” With her eyes looking at him, the question was overseen. She could see he was trying to be supportive but her mind had turned off and her brain cells were crying out for sleep.…

When will he ever say anything in the direction of this relationship? We have been at it for 2 years now and no kiss or any kind of intimacy. I am about to throw in the towel and move on to better prospects, she thought.

“It’s not your fault, such days tend to happen.  We have to anticipate them. I didn’t, now I am paying” is what manged to tell him.

The restaurant went dark, the power supplier had called it back to his stations, and a little panic was felt in the air as the restaurant’s generator failed to automatically switch on.

He kisses her!

In the dark when she least expected it he kissed her. He had stood up swiftly and stolen a kiss. She did not understand it. Her mind had not registered what was happening. She had gone in to shock.

He kissed me!

“How did that happen? Why did he do that? I can’t believe he did that. Oh my God, he kissed me!” ]


“So you want me to fuck you again?” he whispered in her ear, and he begun to trail feather light kisses around her ear and down her neck

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