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Let’s start with where the money is,

Empowering Girls in Emergency Settings Challenge Prize – join the competition and win $100,000

The EmGEmS Challenge Prize is seeking innovations (either conceptual or proven) that help girls meet their sexual and reproductive rights and health while leveraging their own agency and enabling them to gain confidence, learn and be empowered. This could entail technological, service or activity-based innovations.

The EmGEmS Challenge Prize will award a prize of $100,000 to a programme that supports adolescent girls in being empowered and educated when it comes to their sexual and reproductive health needs and rights by building self esteem and confidence through technological, service or activity-based innovations.

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There is this need to have our money near and available whenever we need, that everyone is looking at making this need feed and satisfied. People like Mark are not stopping at making us mobile phone zombies but now want us to start

Using Facebook to transfer money…


According to the Telegraph (I don’t trust them so much after the fake story of Louis and Zambia) said that “Bank customers could soon be able to send money transfers using social media usernames.” It reported and said that “The service will allow users of 20 banks to wire money to payees who have linked their public internet profiles with their bank accounts, by selecting their Facebook ID or Twitter handle instead of entering a sort code and account number.” Read more here, but the mobile zombie apocalypse is about to be real.

As we thinking about our money  and Facebook, here is another one that is a good one for Uganda but will making people so lazy,


Check out their site

Is it my eyes or this is real?

Let me carry on.

How do African countries rank in harnessing technology?

This is an interesting question because Africa’s most industrialised country, South Africa, has shown an improvement in this year’s Networked Readiness Index (NRI) rankings despite a deteriorating business and innovation environment . This is according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Information Technology Report 2016.  Read more here


Until next week guys…


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