You cut through me
leave my guts pouring
But I stay with you

You hit me with all your power
I cry myself to sleep
But my heart says that you’re my man

You walk away
living me with nothing
But I prepare the little for us


You devour others
and leave me starved for affection
But I won’t look for it else where

You say
‘I hate you’
But I say ‘I love you’

You rest your head;
I know where

You torture;
I love

You are my man
Am your woman

You can hurt me
try to break me
cut me through and through
abuse me in and out
torture me
torment me

But I made a promise to me

Patricia Kahill

is a Social Media, Content Creator and Marketer at Kahill Insights. A Development Practitioner who has no self talent but is driven by curiosity and passion; in a nutshell she is a Multipotentialite. She believes in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit which makes her a Christian.

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