“Spending all your money
Ain’t it funny how the time goes by?
First you start believing
Then you’re leaving for no reason
And you’re wondering why…

So till the morning breaks
Go and make your mistakes
Don’t be surprised if your head hurts
Life is for the living, the forgiven and for leaving town alive”

I love this song, even love it more now that we are suing VPNs to access social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.

We have to live our lives, forgive our government and leaving whatever VPN country we have been prompted to visit alive.


Patricia Kahill

is a Social Media, Content Creator and Marketer at Kahill Insights. A Development Practitioner who has no self talent but is driven by curiosity and passion; in a nutshell she is a Multipotentialite. She believes in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit which makes her a Christian.

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