Lizzie Velasquez was voted the most ugliest woman on the internet, but she speaks beauty you will never see.

Beauty is not only what you see, it is more than what your eyes can visualise. It is more than booty, more than sexy eyes, way more than great hair and pretty nails.

Beauty is a lot more than the formulation of your face, the colour of your skin or  height and weight.

Being beautiful is more than what people think, it is about how you think about yourself. It is about the person you see in the mirror everyday, the kind of relationship you have with that person, that person is more important than what others think.

Everything has beauty but not everyone see its - Confusions
Everything has beauty but not everyone see its – Confucius

I have been bullied for having big eyes and big lips. Recently someone posted on Sanyu  breakfast facebook page that I need plastic surgery after seeing me on Tv.  I laughed about it because, he didn’t know how beautiful I feel about myself, how unique and different I am from the many. He measured beauty from what he could see not what I see, or what God sees.

We cannot all be beautiful in the eyes of each other.  Our measurements for beauty differs.What we should know is that we are all beauty in our own ways, it might not be booty, but mind, it might not be those two but something else.

From seeing your own beautiful, you can see others’ beautiful.

Here are  the videos of Lizzie talking about her beautiful self even though she was voted the more ugliest woman on the internet.

You can be the most beautiful person inside but be the most ugliest person outside like Lizzie, just think about that.

Patricia Kahill

is a Social Media, Content Creator and Marketer at Kahill Insights. A Development Practitioner who has no self talent but is driven by curiosity and passion; in a nutshell she is a Multipotentialite. She believes in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit which makes her a Christian.

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