IBM is one of the biggest global data preachers in sharing problem solving solutions in cities around the world, mainly in businesses and universities.

The US multinational made its name in computer hardware but has transitioned into a leading supplier of information technology, business services and software. In 2005, through it’s General Manager Nicholas Nesbitt established the first East African call centre in Kencall, which was voted Top Non European Call centre in the World in September 2008.

IBM brought more revenue from big data–related products and services—to a total of $1.3. billion—than any other company in 2012, and it’s not simply because Big Blue excels at data storage and analytics.

According to Fast Company, in the early days of big data which still is, IBM is its biggest and much needed, evangelist. Through the Smarter Cities initiative it launched three years ago, it continues to teach the world what big data can do by launching a new technology in the French city of Lyon, for example, to improve traffic flow by predicting points of congestion.

IBM is also launching new curriculums centered on big data and analytics at schools like Georgetown and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, in an effort to prepare students for the estimated 4.4 million big-data jobs that will be created by 2015.

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