Recognition for African developers who are working to deliver apps, websites and services for learning/education and economic empowerment; $US150, 000 awards for winners in two categories.


Have you heard yet?

Facebook is launching the Innovation Challenge in Africa with the aim of recognising developers and entrepreneurs who are using the internet to improve the standard of education and economic health in their communities.

All developers across Africa are invited to enter the challenge.

The Innovation Challenge Award is worthy US $150,000 for the app, website or service judged to be the best in two categories:

  • learning/education (apps, websites or online services that make use of technology to inspire and deliver learning)
  • economic empowerment (apps, websites or online services that help to advance the economic strength and ability of communities)

Each Innovation Challenge Award winner will also receive a package of tools and services worth up to $60,000 from Facebook’s FbStart program. Two apps, websites or services in each category will receive an Impact Award prize in the amount of $50,000.

The awards are open to developers of apps, websites and online services that provide real value to African communities and all entries must be received by 1 May, 2016.

Winners will be announced in August/September 2016.

Who will take on the challenge from Uganda?

Patricia Kahill

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