“Sometimes I just want to kill myself. Why live in pain and suffering?”
I most times don’t have answers to such questions that I find in my inboxes.
All I know is that when I used to think like that, I had a mother, a father, a sister, some friends who I would talk to. I would have ended it but these people held me in check. They availed their ears to listen, availed time and just sat in silence for hours with me, they might not have offered solutions but they offered warm hugs that said “we are here”, “We love you” and they kept on checking in – my mother has never missed a day without calling me, never.
So instead of living in pain and suffering, reach out to someone, anyone it might be a stranger, a distant friend or a close one and pour out your heart.
Don’t suffer alone, you will end up killing yourself to stop the pain.
Please, if someone reaches out to you, avail the time and help.

Patricia Kahill

is a Social Media, Content Creator and Marketer at Kahill Insights. A Development Practitioner who has no self talent but is driven by curiosity and passion; in a nutshell she is a Multipotentialite. She believes in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit which makes her a Christian.

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